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What We Do?

We bring you Milk Pot Farm Fresh Milk. Straight from our indigenous breeds of cows and buffaloes to your house. We deliver farm fresh A2 milk to your doorsteps every day, across Chennai and Bengaluru. We partner with select farmers from our Indian villages. We provide scientific guidance on natural grazing techniques, milking, best practices, etc. to ensure that the milk is natural and fresh. We ensure that the milk reaches us within 2 hours from the time of milking. We test it for quality, chill it below 4 degrees celsius and pack it in sanitized glass bottles. These glass bottles are again kept in cold storage, transported in reefer trucks and delivered to your doorsteps in insulated delivery bags. The cold chain is maintained to ensure that the temperature does not rise and the milk is fresh.

Simply put, we take the milk, just as our healthy cows and buffaloes give us, put them into hygienic sanitized glass bottles, seal them and deliver them over to your door step. All this in very minimal time, so that you can enjoy the goodness of our fresh and creamy milk. This is so unlike the usual homogenized packed milk that we consume today. And even unlike the raw milk that we get today from local sources. There is nothing that we add to the milk that we supply. Yes you read it right, not even water! Now, beat that! There is nothing extra about this milk. This is just milk, pure milk and that is what is special!


Along with our farm fresh milk, we also deliver fresh ghee and fresh paneer. These are made from the same fresh milk that you enjoy every day. These products are not manufactured on a commercial large scale, which would involve lot of preservatives. Rather, they are produced on an order basis, similar to how you would prepare them at home. As a result, our products have lesser shelf life compared to other products in the market. But you can rest assured that they are much healthier and tastier! Place an order now to feel the difference.

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Why we deliver in glass bottles?

On an average, 10 crore milk pouches are sold in India every day! One of the numerous problems with milk in plastic pouches is that harmful chemicals are leaching into the milk. Kids are unknowingly swallowing and ingesting toxins that are bad for their health, especially long-term. 99% of plastics are made of fossil fuels, meaning that it often contains nefarious chemicals such as BPA, phthalates and styrene. What happens when toxins start seeping into what they?re trying to protect? It introduces health risks such as cancer, hormone imbalances, obesity, fertility issues and reproductive anomalies.We at Milk Pot have been delivering milk in hygienic glass bottles for almost 4 years now. We believe that the baby steps that we take on a daily basis will go a long way in protecting our health and our environment.

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