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What We Do?

We deliver fresh raw milk at your doorstep everyday.


We bring you Milk Pot fresh raw milk. Straight from our indigenous breed of cows to your house. Simply put, we take the milk, just as our healthy cows give us and put them into hygienic glass bottles, seal them and deliver them over to your door step. All this very minimal time, so that you can enjoy the goodness of our fresh and creamy milk. This is so unlike the usual homogenized and pasteurised milk that we consume today. And even unlike the raw milk that we get today from local sources. There is nothing that we add to the milk that we supply. Yes you read it right, not even water! Now, beat that! There is nothing extra about this milk. This is just milk, pure milk and that is what is special!

Read what is wrong with the other milk sources under our fAQ section.

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